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We of Science Explained believe in the importance of both communicating with the general public and performing scientific research itself. Unfortunately, researchers are restricted in how much of their research they can share without compromising their chances of publishing their data in a peer-reviewed journal at a later stage. Therefore, we support researchers who are trying to communicate their work with the general public by providing a portal (“My Science Explained”) where researchers can share their latest findings without making their results completely public. We furthermore provide financial support for the research that is being shared through “My Science Explained”.

We provide several possibilities for researchers to share their progress. It is possible to write updates about a project. For example the “Fast eggs / Slow” eggs project which can be found here (login required, registration is free).

It is also possible to share current research through video updates as for example in the project “Big Momma – a video experiment”:

Science Explained also provides access to high quality background information on scientific subjects written by expert scientists specifically catered for a general public. Take for example our page where the process from DNA to Protein is explained.

Last, but not least, Science Explained also provides scientists with the opportunity to write about any science-related subject through our blog page.

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