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The super fantastic little box of insects!

What is more fun than getting cool stuff? Getting free cool stuff! Seeing as it is almost Christmas, Science Explained is giving out a gift to 2 lucky people! If you like the Facebook page of science explained then you automatically participate for:

“The super fantastic little box of insects!”

Which contains: “Locusta migratoria”, “Nicrophorus vespilloides”, “Tribolium castaneum”, Acheta domestica” and “Drosophila melanogaster”.

All these species have played a role (be it mayor or minor) in scientific research. Below the number of papers with the species name in the title in the web of science database (checked 18-12-13).

“Locusta migratoria” – 1812 papers

“Nicrophorus vespilloides” – 38 papers

“Tribolium castaneum” – 1257 papers

“Acheta domestica” – 46 papers

“Drosophila melanogaster” – 39171 papers
The second of January the winners will be announced.

So Like the page and please share this message with your friends so that they also have a chance to win this fantastic science price.

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