Blast2GO in Windows 7 with Chrome

So here is just a quick guide how to use Blast2GO with Google Chrome in Windows 7.
The reason I write this is that I have had enormous trouble getting Blast2GO to work on my system since the JAVA update. Furthermore, finding other related posts on JAVA problems didn’t fix mine.

So the error message I kept recieving was: “Unable to launch application”.  This error seems to be caused by the new JAVA 7 update 25.
So the solution is simple, but it took me long to find it.

Step 1) Remove JAVA.

Step 2) Download Java SE Runtime Environment 6u45 x86 offline here. (you will have to register with Oracle…)

Step 3) Install Java 6 (which you have just downloaded).

Step 4) Go to Control Panel -> Java -> Update
Uncheck “Check for updates automatically’.

Step 5) Still in the Java Control Panel go to -> Advanced -> JRE Auto-Download
Check “Never Auto-Download”.

And that is it. For me it worked like a charm! Enjoy using Blast2GO!

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