This organisation and website is no longer active.

Stichting Science Explained is a non-profit charitable organization registered in the Netherlands. It was founded in 2015 by a board of 4 people who firmly believe that Scientists and the General Public should be better connected. It aims to increase visibility of scientific research to the general public and extend the financial possibilities for scientist. We do this by providing financial support for high quality scientific research at academic institutions and for science communication. We furthermore provide a platform which can be used to communicate the scientific progress to the general public.

Science Explained is completely dependent on donations provided by its supporters. For more info about the work we support look at our ‘Why Donate‘ page.

General information about Stichting Science Explained

This organisation and website is no longer active.

Stichting Science Explained aims to:

a) promote scientific research;
b) to make scientific research accessible to the general public;
c) the execution of other tasks that are connected to or beneficial to the above mentioned activities.

The general policy of Stichting Science Explained is:

The core principle of Science Explained is that for a better integration of scientific research into the society, both scientific researchers and the society as a whole need to contribute. In order to promote the increased integration of scientific research into society, Science Explained connects researchers to the society through its website ( Stichting Science Explained depends on donations to support both high quality scientific research and science communication. The activities of Stichting Science Explained benefit both researchers by providing financial support and society by providing a platform where scientific research is made accessible for the general public.