Because doing science is fun, I have created a game! You are a fresh new PhD student entering the exciting world of Science! However, you are not the only one. There are others that are trying to steal your glory! Be the first to finish your PhD research and publish 4 papers before the other players. The first player with 4 papers wins the game!

What you need to play:

  • Printer (not needed during the game)
  • Scissors (not needed during the game)
  • Dice
  • Pion
  • 2-6 players

What the game looks like

Example2 Example3



You will come across cards like for example this one:



So download the game here for FREE and experience the life of a PhD Student.

The Science Explained PhD Game (PDF, print preferentially in color)

Cards (PDF, print double-sided if possible)

Just a bit of work with the scissors and you are ready to go!


Feel free to send any suggestions to me by email, or respond in the comment section below. If you want to make your own set of questions/cards feel free to ask for the wordfile.

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