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Edwin Brosens

Already as a child I was interested in ants. When I turned 20 I bought a camera and started photographing nature. Later I started to develop myself and by the time I turned 40 I found the topic that really interested me the most, parasitic wasps. I got in touch with Cees van Achterberg and Kees Zwakhals of the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre in Leiden, the Netherlands. They helped me to start collecting and identifying parasitic wasps. I collect them in a national park called ‘de Kooidries’ in Belgium. This area was used to collect clay for the stone industry before, but has been long since abandoned. The industry left an area filled with ponds surrounded by grasses and reeds. Around that, a mixed forest adds to the diversity of the area.  By using photography I aim to show the beauty of the parasitic wasps found in this area.